Charge per event

Hire Type Price
Pitch + Full Pavilion* £106.80
Pitch only £66.60
Medium Pitch Only £48.00
Small Pitch Only £31.20


Charge per event

Hire Type Price
Pitch+Pavilion (Daytime)* £176.40
Pitch+Pavilion (Evening)* £90.60


Charges as stated

Hire Type Price
Pavilion Only (per hour) £12.50
Pavilion + Small Football Pitch for Party £45.60
Pavilion + Cricket Pitch for Party £45.60

To check booking availibility and make bookings contact the clerk:

01494 76 66 55

Westwood Park and Pitches Map

* A cancellation charge of £64.20 will be applied for cancellations to the asterisked items.
No cancellations are allowed for any item less than 48 hours before the event.